AcademIAS-28 – RAZ kids – Instruction Manual

Why are we using Raz-Kids?

Literacy is a very important part of learning and being proficient at using a language. The ability to read and the enjoyment of reading is crucial to the development of your children’s language ability.

Most families will not normally have a large enough collection of English books at home for children to develop their reading ability to a proficient level and buying hundreds of books would be very costly. International Academic School is happy to provide your child with their own account at Learning A-Z Kids.

What is Learning A-Z Kids?

Learning A-Z is an online reading system developed by Learning A-Z that is used in many schools in America and international schools around the world.

Using this system, your children will have access to:

  • Over 1600+ e-books (and increasing) of various genres and reading levels.
  • Listening, Reading and Comprehension features for each book.
  • Assignment homework set by their teacher.
  • Freedom to choose what books they want to read for their enjoyment.
  • Incentive Program – Students earn stars for the activities to do. These stars can be used to build their robot.

Your children’s teachers will have some benefits too! We will be able to:

  • Assign reading assignments specific to your child’s level, needs and interest.
  • Monitor your child’s progress and reading activity.
  • Assess their reading levels, accuracy and comprehension without using valuable classroom time.

As parents, you will have the option to:

  • Receive e-mail notifications of your child’s weekly activity.

Enjoy learning and reading with your child!

Click to Read the complete manual.AcademIAS-28 – RAZ kids – Instruction Manual

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