AcademIAS – 18 – Happy Hijri New Year

Dear Parents,

On the occasion of a holy day and a journey that changed history, out of our keenness at International Academic School to instill Islamic values in the hearts of our dear students, we would like to congratulate you on the anniversary of the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) from Mecca to Medina.

The importance of celebrating this occasion lies in the fact that it is an opportunity to promote religious and moral principles in the hearts of our students such as redemption, sacrifice, patience, as well as taking the right decision on time.

We would like to remind you and ourselves of the need to realize the noble meanings that this great occasion holds, notably the value of tolerance, forgiveness, sacrifice, supporting rights and not to infringe the rights of others. We learned from the anniversary of our prophet’s migration that when faith dwells in one’s heart, it can do miracles because this is commitment, hard work, and liberality.

Our school’s educational philosophy emerged and derived its objectives from our Islamic religion and UAE philosophy in line with the goals of the UAE National Agenda. Therefore, our principles are the base on which we build our school programs to create a knowledge generation. One of the noble and essential meanings that we inspire from this commemoration that the path of success requires patience, effort, planning and following good example. This is what we always seek to establish in our students hearts, so that this good anniversary will inspire them in their educational journey.

On this occasion, our school will organize a small celebration by our students during the morning assembly on Wednesday 12/9/2018. Our purpose is to educate students socially, religiously and spiritually, and to strengthen their religious beliefs, as well as to support and enrich the educational curriculum.

We at International Academic School adopt the creed to take responsibility and choose the right path, which is to reach with the school to the highest levels of success and growth. For this we had to progress, plan, and act to reach what we are now.

We are progressing every day with our strong belief of always moving forward. This will not be complete without your support which is the source of our pride. The Only Way is Up!

We wish you many happy returns and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Best  Regards,

Dr. Haleema  Karout

School Principal


Read the circular: academIAS- 18

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