High School

High School

As our students journey into the final stages of their time with us, we strive to embed core values that they will take with them throughout their lives and into the world. We continue to ensure that each student truly becomes an “Athena Learner” who questions deeply, makes thinking visible, assesses their own learning, applies learning in a range of contexts and uses technology safely, creatively, and imaginatively. These skills will stay with them long after they leave IAS for their next phase of life.

The High School follows the required credit system for all US curriculum schools in Dubai. All students must have a minimum of 22 credits to graduate from high school. For more information about the credit requirement click here. (Embed link to page about credits)

At IAS, we know that high school students are becoming young adults and we create an environment which encourages them to take on leadership roles within the school. Many students are a part of different clubs and activities which include playing in competitive sports, doing charity work, enhancing their language and cultural skills, and participating in student government. These extra-curricular activities allow students a chance to practice applying the many skills they have learned throughout their time at IAS as well as build on them.

In the end, every student will have a high school diploma recognized both in UAE and abroad and any of our graduates will be able to enter universities in the UAE, Europe, the UK, America and elsewhere without problem.

Class Offerings
  • English
  • Various Math subjects
  • Various Science subjects
  • Arabic
  • Islamic
  • Various areas of Social Studies
  • Moral Education
  • French
  • Spanish
  • PE
  • Various Visual Arts subjects
  • Various Technology subjects
  • Business & Marketing
  • Debate & Creative Writing

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