Message from the School

Learning is the lifelong process of getting knowledge about new methodologies and strategies. The learning journey starts at home, and encompasses the community, with colleagues, and with the children at school.


Helping children to develop confidence and respect for themselves, others and their environment and community occurs when children are encouraged to share ideas in a disciplined manner.

Each child has to have a say, each child deserves to feel safe and be trusted. Providing children with care, safety and trust will lead to a generation that respects its family, teachers, colleagues, and the environment as a whole.


The curriculum should meet children's needs and interests. Every teacher should nurture his/her own community inside the classroom and teach according to different children’s abilities and to high expectations.

Teaching styles should differ depending on children’s academic levels and abilities. Every teacher should use a variety of assessment methods to evaluate children’s understanding, progress, and achievement.

There is no doubt that teachers who plan well and in an organized manner, are equipped with the will and dedication, who display a sense of fairness, friendliness, firmness, and finally, consistency and stability in methods can certainly achieve their goals and overcome obstacles to produce future thinkers, successful citizens, and leaders. 

Being organized and a good planner, having the will and dedication, being fair, friendly, and firm and finally being consistent and stable, a teacher can achieve the goals and overcome obstacles to produce future thinkers, successful citizens, and leaders.


I also strongly believe in connecting learning with the world community and community service to help children become caring and active members of society.


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