Middle School

Middle School

At IAS, we realize that middle school students are in a stage of remarkable development. These are perhaps the most difficult, challenging, and fascinating times of a young person’s life. Physical, intellectual, and emotional changes are rapid and intense at this early teenage stage.

We work to provide opportunities for meeting and exceeding academic standards and gaining skills that will help them throughout their life. The school will provide a caring environment, which will enhance the students’ self-esteem, personal wellbeing and their academic progress.

At IAS, we uphold and engage consistently with the Athena core values. These core values help mold students to be

  • resilient,
  • emotionally intelligent,
  • free to think critically,
  • forgiving and able to learn from mistakes,
  • positive contributors to the school, local, and international community,
  • inspired to follow and become outstanding role models,
  • achievers in all areas of learning,
  • articulate, creative, and outstanding communicators.

    • Our learning outcomes and the school’s academic programs are guided by the overarching ideal to create “Athena Learners” who questions deeply, makes thinking visible, assesses their own learning, applies learning in a range of contexts and use technology safely, creatively, and imaginatively. We embed these values in core and non-core subjects across the curriculum.”

      All of this is done with a view to ensuring that each and every student has the prerequisites needed to allow them to have a full choice of pathways in their high school program.

      Class Offerings
      • English
      • Math
      • Science
      • Arabic
      • Islamic
      • UAE Social Studies
      • Moral Education
      • French
      • PE
      • Art
      • Computer
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